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Improve your healthcare experience. Eliminate illegible paper prescription by getting accurate e-prescription.

Medical Consultation

Medical Consultation

Dokrx offers consultation from global healthcare experts.



Get amazing prices whenever you order directly from our pharmacy.



We provide virtual consultation and e-prescription for our users.

E-prescription and Delivery

E-prescription and Delivery

Order your drugs online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Enhancing your health, one plan at a time.



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Benefits you get.


Access extensive expertise dedicated to ensuring accurate and optimal prescriptions, making your healthcare journey smoother.

Electronic Prescription

Eliminate illegible prescriptions and errors. With DokRx, secure an efficient e-prescription platform.

Affordable Price

Trust DokRx for accessible and excellent healthcare solutions that prioritize your well-being and within your budget.


Dokrx offers consultation from global healthcare experts and medical specialist for patient-centered care.

Privacy and Security

We prioritize your privacy by securing your information with advanced and optimized tools for maximum security.

Virtual Medical Appointment

Schedule an appointment with our experts for the best medical services.

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Get 7 days free trial as a patient.

For Patients



Ensuring Privacy and security of patient information

Gain access to quality healthcare services remotely

Get access directly to top healthcare providers at DokRx

Track and manage your prescriptions effortlessly

Save your time by utilizing E-Prescription tools by DokRx

This fee covers only monthly e-prescription, appointment fee is paid per session

For Practitioners



Opportunities for telemedicine and remote consultations

Expand your network and collaborate with colleagues.

At DokRx leverage prescription management for a smoother workflow.

Ensure medication safety for their patients With the right tools, .

Save time and energy by Utilizing the E-Prescription features.

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Isabella Abigail

Topnotch Service

I had an outstanding experience with DokRx! Their electronic prescription system made managing medications effortless. The user-friendly interface and seamless communication between my healthcare provider and pharmacy were remarkable.

6 December, 2023
John Oladimeji


DokRx surpassed all my expectations! Their electronic prescription system made medication management effortless. The user-friendly platform and seamless communication between my healthcare provider and pharmacy were impressive.

11 December, 2023
Samuel Azeez

Thank You DokRx!

Thrilled with DokRx's intuitive platform and seamless coordination between healthcare provider and pharmacy. Their unwavering commitment to affordable pricing without compromising care excellence is exceptional.

14 December, 2023

Frequently asked questions

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What is DokRx?

Dokrx is a healthcare platform that helps users solve illegible paper prescription issue, book appointment with doctors and help Healthcare specialists connect with patients. Dokrx offers affordable healthcare services to patients and access to trusted practitioners.

How does it work?

Sign up or log into your account, submit a medicine request or fill in your prescription. The doctor will respond, you proceed with payment, and finalize your healthcare journey.

How long does delivery take?

At DokRx, we ensure your medication is brought right to your doorstep. Delivery within Lagos State typically takes 1-3 days, while outside Lagos State, you can expect your delivery within 3-5 days.

Can i book an appointment?

DokRx supports you by responding to your inquiries and delivering relevant health information through scheduled appointments with your doctor. Easily book appointments within the platform to boost your health journey.

Does DokRx have higher pricing compared to other platforms?

DokRx applies standard fees based on the services you require, maintaining fair and non-inflated pricing.

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